In 2010, we decided to host multiple Thanksgiving celebrations, in order to overcome transportation barriers and reach as many foster care youth and alumni as possible...


Three Thanksgiving events were held:
  • November 14, 2010: The SW Ohio Thanksgiving took place in Cincinnati at the Phoenix. Amy Roberts served as Lead Facilitator. Sponsors included: Cincinnati Works, Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, Bob Mecum of Lighthouse Youth Services and Richter & Phillips Jewelers. Decorations were donated by Kroger, and the beautiful table arrangements made possible by Val Bairnsfather. Channel 12 and Fox News stopped by to capture some of the excitement.

  • November 21, 2010: The Central/SE Ohio Thanksgiving took place in Columbus at Capital University. Gabriel Koshinsky served as Lead Facilitator. Sponsors included: Capital University ROTC: Crusader Battalion, Kappa Sigma Upsilon, Village Network, Starr Commonwealth, Franklin County Children Services, NYAP and the Columbus Jewish Foundation.

Ohio CASA provided decorations for all three Thanksgiving events.